Lately, I’ve really been trying to refine my style. I mean, I love making comics and I love the rough way mine feel, but my comics also have certain abrasive qualities that can be cleaned up without sacrificing tone. For instance, in this comic I finally got around to using set dimensions for my panels. They’re still rough and slightly oblong, which I like, but they actually flow as such now that I’m ruling them. While I really want to make spontaneous, free-form art, I also want to make a comic people can enjoy, not just some vanity project.

Thank you all for keeping up with my comics, and I hope you stick with them as I change.

“Spaghett on the Noggin”


Go figure — the MOMENT I finished this comic, I saw two different transformative memes about the Spaghett clip, thus rendering half of my point moot. I’d still argue that you laugh at Spaghett for non-traditional reasons, and it’s definitely odd that the meme is lasting longer than just a week.

If you haven’t actually SEEN the glorious “Somebody Toucha My Spaghett” clip, it’s right here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cE1FrqheQNI

I forgot to write my link in the comic borders this time, so… If you share it, could you please include a link to this site? thx bby