“Winter Lantern,” from “Bloodborne”

Here’s a spot of fan art. I’ve always been a fan of Hidetaka Miyazaki’s creature designs, and I dare say the Winter Lantern (or “Brain Trust”, depending on region) is one of his finest. In fact, all of Bloodborne in general feels wonderfully original.

Figured it’s about time I got off my high horse and tried to do some slightly more realistic stuff. Not that I’m stopping my “usual fare” any time soon, but rather that I want to branch out and start learning how to properly draw and shade the human (or human-ish) form.

What’s in a Mouse?


Right, so here’s the idea:

I’ve always found Minnie Mouse to be a… problematic character. Her design belies her traits — which is normally something you want in a cartoon design, but not when the traits themselves are poorly thought-out.

See, in essence, Minnie is just “Girl Mickey.” Nothing whatsoever differentiates her physical traits from Disney’s main mouse. The only thing separating the two is that Minnie wears a dress, a bow, and occasional makeup. So, as far as designs go, Minnie Mouse is basically just a polka-dot dress, the contents of which are irrelevant. Daisy Duck is much the same thing, serving solely as “Girl Donald” (although, to her credit, Daisy sometimes exhibits her own personality, a strong sassiness to stand against the “invisible female” ideal present in Minnie).

So, what I have here is my own Minnie Mouse. The details might be somewhat off, but the polka-dot dress is there, so according to the logic of her creation, this is Minnie Mouse to a T.