A Rabbit, Mistakes, and Learning

I was gonna paint this bunny, kind of like my last non-comic. I’ve been sick all week, so it was gonna be my big pick-me-up project since I’m feeling too blegh for a good comic. But… there’s just something off about it.

Like, I’m really not feeling this rabbit. I’m unhappy with it. It’s not the execution, because I’ve always been comfortable with my style. Even when I make mistakes in proportions and perspective (as with this rabbit’s legs), I’m fine with it because they’re my mistakes, and I’m working on them.

Nah, it’s just the tone of the piece that makes me dislike it. Usually, my work has some sort of personhood, where I can look at the subject and tell what it’s feeling or what it’s been through. Or sometimes there’s a touch of cuteness behind the edge, like big eyes, a wide grin, or general amicability.

But the rabbit has none of that. There’s nothing to read in it but wild emptiness. Ironically enough, the gaze is somewhat predatory. There’s no story behind its anatomy, either. I used to think I wasn’t very creative because I made a lot of gore stuff, but even the gore anatomy of this one isn’t creative — it’s just bones sticking out of vague, stringy meat.

The biggest mistakes here are the teeth and the eyes. There’s other things that ruin it for me, such as the froglike positioning of the legs, but the teeth and eyes are what truly breaks my form. Sure, I’ll sometimes give my creatures wide, fanged mouths, but usually they’re smiles of some sort. Here, they’re… nothing. It’s like looking at a shark’s mouth. It would have been better if I’d given the rabbit a proper rodent’s teeth — or better yet, the open jaw with the teeth missing. That would’ve changed the expression drastically.

And then there’s the eyes. The windows to the soul. What did I do here? Blocked ’em off. Put a big stupid line right down the middle. No access for the viewer, just hostility.

The funniest thing? All in all, I think the failure of this rabbit is actually a net positive for me. When you do improvisational art like this, you’ve gotta expect a few duds here and there. It’s a learning experience. Plus, it kind of makes me proud that I’ve gone this long before drawing something I didn’t like. It’s helped me learn a lot more about what makes my style tick, how to branch out without betraying it, and what drives me to make what I do. Plus, I did it with a nib pen instead of ballpoint, so the practice alone makes it worth it. I’m renewed in my joy for art, eager to continue exploring my style, and ready to keep on learning. Thanks for sticking with me, folks — it’s gonna be a bumpy ride, but I’m still having fun.


Welcome to the Doodad!

Hello, fellow sentient life!

I’m Evan, and this is the intro to my site. Basically, here on my Whole Grain Glop, I post my comic (which the site is named after), as well as some art and the occasional rare text post. Most of my stuff is made with ballpoint pens of varying quality, in large part because I’m fairly comfortable with the medium. I’ll try to update this on a daily basis, so check in whenever you like!

Erm… I dunno how to end this message. I can’t say “Adieu, -Evan” because I already introduced myself. Guess I’ll have to end as someone else, or something.

Enjoy the website!

– Charles Barkley

P.S. I ain’t the real Charles Barkley, please don’t sue me